What are we about?

Here at Bloom we truly believe that we are not just babysitting your children but raising up world changers. We desire nothing more than to have your kids encounter God in a personal way. We believe this happens through dynamic worship, biblical teaching, and small groups. Our vision for Bloom Kids is to help every child bloom into everything God has created them to be.

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“Train up a child in the way they should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6


Dreamers | 0-12 MONTHS

We love to care for our Bloom babies! Our dream teamers are well trained to give your baby the best care. We also believe a child is never to young to learn, so our goal is for your child to hear that “God made them special” every time they are in our class. This class coincides with all of our regular weekend services.

Sunnies | 12-24 MONTHS

Babies to toddlers is a special time. They are learning new things every day. At this age we will start to introduce our preschool curriculum by playing with toys and listening to the Bible Story. This class coincides with all of our regular weekend services

Comets | 2 YEAR – 3 YEAR

Toddlers love to learn, which is why our Comets room provides interactive learning experiences in a colorful and engaging atmosphere for them! From illustrated Bible lessons to wonderful activities, toddlers learn God’s Word in bite-sized portions. At this age we start small groups with them because we believe change happens in circles not in rows. This class coincides with all of our regular weekend services.

Stars | 4 YEAR – 5 YEAR

Our preschoolers are ready for the next level! They are ready for a small mini service completely designed just for them. That is why we start structuring our services a lot like Big Kids service, from worship to the lesson, to small group discussion. When Stars graduate from their class they will be fully ready for a Bloom Kids service! Stars class coincides with all weekend services.

Rockets | Kindergarten

Rockets combines high-energy activities with Bible-based teaching for boys and girls in elementary school. A combination of games, interesting characters, and fun-filled songs capture kids’ attention while also showing them that living for God is the best thing out there. elementary services coincide with all of our regular weekend and mid-week adult services.

Pilots | 1ST – 3RD GRADE

We’ve designed a creative, fun, interactive program just for elementary age students. Every kid has the chance to connect with others and learn about biblical truths so they can take the next step in their relationship with God.

Legends | 4TH – 6TH GRADE

Our Legend students have a service planned out especially targeted to their age group. We believe that this age is a crucial age in their faith development and we want to get them ready to attend with their parents as they graduate out of Bloom Kids. They start out service worshiping in big church and then come over for their very own service and small group discussion. Legends class is offered at every weekend service.

Buddies | Special Needs

Our team of trained dream teamers enjoy working alongside all children regardless of their unique abilities and challenges. When needed, we utilize a one-to-one buddy system to help them have the best experience possible at their age-appropriate service.